How To Get The Best Exchange Rates

How To Get the Best Exchange Rates

We will explain how to get the best exchange rates using our foreign exchange broker partners, Currencies Direct.

Transfer money online using our award winning currency exchange brokers. When transferring money to our USD custodian account, why not take advantage of lower transaction costs. Transfer money online at the best exchange rates.

Save around 90% compared to 'bank to bank' exchange rates when using our money transfer services partner, Currencies Direct.

Once you sign up, you can lock-in the best USD exchange rate at today's exchange rates.

Please click below to find out more about how to get the best exchange rates using our online wire transfer service partner for all your needs.

Currencies Direct are a currency exchange broker set up in 1996. Their award-winning rates of exchange can beat bank rates by up to 4%.  They have more than 150,000 corporate and individual clients. They are authorized by the FCA. 


How does Currencies Direct work?

1. Register with Currencies Direct who will send you an email to confirm.

2. Upload your passport and latest bank statement with your address on it.

3. Click on the confirmation link in your email.

4. When you want to transfer money, ring up Currencies Direct to book in and set the exchange rate for that day.

5. Currencies direct will send a contract note. On that note, there will be a bank account name and address to send money to.

6. Once you have sent money from your bank to Currencies direct, you can log back into Currencies direct and enter the Interactive Brokers account you want to send to. Please don't forget to add your reference number that Hudson James supplied you.

7. Click here for more information on 'how to transfer money online from Currencies Direct to Intercative Brokers'