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What are the Best ETF Strategies for 2017?

Hudson James Investment Management provide robo advisor investing via it smart ETF investing strategies for clients who seek low risk, high return investments

The best Hudson James Investment Management ETF strategy for 2017 will depend on your risk profile. All trades are automatically placed for you with shares bought or sold every month on your behalf.

So, you can get on with your life and sleep well in the knowledge your investments are being managed on your behalf.

Our SMART ETF strategies are based on your risk profile. Once you answer a short questionnaire, we establish your risk profile, and  set up a roboadvisor account for automated trading of ETFs.

The SMART ETF strategies are smart beta ETF strategyies. The smart investing strategies seek high growth via low cost ETFs.

This is an actively managed ETF strategy which uses Minimum Variance Optimisation via a computer algorithm to switch between bond ETF, equity ETF or cash positions to maximize returns whilst also offering significant downside protection. 

Our SMART ETF strategies use advanced ETF optimisation strategies and technical, stock timing signals. In essence, this etf strategy folllows the smart money in the markets and chases money flows. The "efficient frontier" is optmised.

This helps to protect the portfolio if markets start to fall and reduces risk.

The ETF asset allocation strategy we use ensures optimum use of ETF’s tracking US equities and US treasuries in the US. Some leverage is used to increase the risk/reward return.

This is a tactical ETF model which has a “forward looking” approach, which can quickly switch out of equity markets in turbulent times, preferring instead to hold long dated US treasuries ETF's or can even sit in cash.

Hudson James Investment Management are leading the way in tactical asset management by employing the latest ETF techniques, engaging modern stock market timing signals to maximise returns. This makes it one of the best low risk high yield investments on the market.

Our actively managed approach and adoption of smart ETF strategies is a step away from the traditional “buy and hold” strategies normally employed by asset management companies. We are leading the way with innovative new approaches to asset management in order to protect client assets, rather than use the “buy and hold” strategies that most firms engage in.  


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