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The Hudson James Investment Management Consultant Relations Team are responsible for providing consultants and financial advisers with greater insight into the ETF strategies. By delivering updated information to consultants we can ensure their respective clients are kept informed of any market news and any changes to the strategy.

By providing the Consultant / Advisor with a single source of contact, we will increase the level of support and service.

We will work in close collaboration with the Consultant / Advisor, on an ongoing basis, to ensure that we augment  the relationship with our mutual clients and keep them abreast of market information and leading topics in the industry. 


For financial advisory companies:

  • Earn ongoing annual commissions depending on volume for as long as the client remains invested
  • Reports are sent automatically to your clients quarterly. Clients can also log-in at any time and see the real-time value of their investments live
  • Easy online sign up for client. No physical paperwork needed. No courier. Just online scans of paperwork, passport and lease agreement or utility bill needed
  • We can accept almost any currency and any nationality. US expatriates accepted. Only American residents and green card holders are not allowed


For clients:

  • No set up fee
  • No fee to cash out
  • $500,000 deposit guarantee insurance on any assets invested
  • The strategy has had TEN CONSECUTIVE WINNING YEARS FOR 10 YEARS in back tests
  • The average return after all fees over a 10 year period has been over 30% p.a. in tests
  • Client can go to cash within 3 days or less
  • Any nationalities accepted including US expats. We do not accept US residents or US green card holders
  • Most currencies accepted, although we don’t hedge. The final investment will be in US Dollars.
  • Platform has $4 billion under management and is fully regulated by the SEC, NYSE, FSA, FCA, ASIC, FINRA and many others
  • Cannot be accepted in life bonds such as Friends Provident International, Generali and Royal Skandia. This is for direct investments only
  • Can be accepted in many trusts, SIPPs, solo 401k's and QROPS as a direct investment


We look forward to sharing our opportunities with you.

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