The 'SMART ETF' Strategy

♦ An actively managed ETF strategy ♦

34% per year returns (backtested over ten years and net of all fees)

  • The strategy can make money in falling, rising or flat markets

  • The strategy only buys and sells index tracking ETF’s

  • The strategy targets double digit returns with low/medium risk

  • The strategy would have  51% in 2008, the year of the financial crash

  • The worst year the strategy would still have made 14%

  • Your monies are actively managed and rebalanced on your behalf every month

  • Invest for as long as you like. You can leave at any time

  • No upfront fees or exit/surrender fees

  • Assets are held with brokers regulated by the SEC, NYSE, FSA, FINRA and many other regulatory authorities

  • Safeguard your monies with consistent returns year-in year-out and protect your cash from stock market crashes
  • Your investments are ring-fenced and segregated for protection
  • There is further protection for up to $250,000 held in cash by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)
The 'SMART ETF' Strategy

Backtested returns over 10 years

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